Pro-Found provides end-to-end services for the development and integration of software applications appropriate to your size and industry. We help you get fast results with less risk and higher returns on your technology investments. Pick and choose from our service offerings.

Custom Software Development and Integration
Pro-Found excels at creating resilient, low-maintenance systems which gracefully embrace changing needs and technologies. Pro-Found utilizes a modular construction process which entails weaving together custom created software with off-the-shelf packages. In many cases, we can preserve your existing software investment by adding new capabilities though extension and integration, rather than replacement.

Our expertise extends across a wide and growing range of programming languages, (C++, JAVA, VB, PERL), platforms (WINDOWS, UNIX, AS\400, IBM MAINFRAMES), databases (ORACLE, DB2, SQL SERVER), middleware (MQ, TIBCO, TALARIAN, JMS), and component frameworks (J2EE, .NET, CORBA, COM/DCOM). We are particularly strong in Internet and Intranet technologies including HTML/DHTML, JAVASCRIPT, servlets, ASP, JSP, XML, SOAP, and web services.

To showcase our technology assets, Pro-Found maintains a Technology Demonstration Center.

Serving the entire firm, the center comprises a wide and growing array of hardware platforms, operating environments, and a software library of over 175 packages. At the Technology Demonstration Center, Pro-Found is able to replicate many environments which clients / prospects might have. More significantly, Pro-Found utilizes the Center to "breathe life" into connectivity and middleware software tools which are otherwise difficult to demonstrate. For clients, it provides a unique opportunity to "kick the tires" and obtain proof of concepts before making large scale commitments.


Project Management
Pro-Found project management is designed to track projects against their targets for schedule, cost, and quality. We utilize automated systems to record and share this information with the team on a real-time basis. In addition, we make available on-line key technical work products and project standards (coding standards, naming conventions, etc.) so that everyone is "reading from the same book."

While Pro-Found project management provides timely, quantitative data on project status, we believe that proper interpretation of this data is key to our success. Pro-Found project managers are seasoned professionals who look behind the numbers and take corrective action before many people even realize there is a problem.


Technology Strategy and Planning
If you are a start-up, we can help you to navigate through the bewildering array of technology choices. We establish a strong technology foundation for your business to manage growth and sustain competitive advantage.

If you are an established player, we can help you to increase revenues and reduce costs without wholesale abandonment of previous technology investments.

Pro-Found's component-based technology allows coexistence between old and new technologies and enables you to evolve to newer technologies on your own time table.


Graphic Design
Successful graphic design catches the eye and communicates clearly. We have first-rate skills in computer graphics, print design, and the fine arts.

Pro-Found can create compelling websites as well as supplemental materials that will pique the interest of potential customers. We produce all types of visual communications including newsletters, corporate/product identities, exhibits, annual reports, slide presentations, brochures, print advertising, videotapes, trade shows, package design, and posters.


Software Documentation, Help Manuals, and User Guides
Pro-Found will make your software documentation, help manuals, and user guides clear and easy-to-follow. Our technical writer works with clients from the early planning stages of a project through its completion to ensure accuracy and a complete understanding of the system being built.

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