Project Management
One of the foundations of our success is our strong project management. Of course, Pro-Found projects already have a built-in advantage: Pro-Found technology. Our top-quality engineering reduces complexity and sets up our projects for success. Strong project management then realizes this success.

Pro-Found project management is designed to track projects against their targets for schedule, cost, and quality. We utilize automated systems to record and share this information with the team on a real-time basis. In addition, we make available on-line key technical work products and project standards (coding standards, naming conventions, etc.) so that everyone is "reading from the same book."

While Pro-Found project management provides timely, quantitative data on project status, we believe that proper interpretation of this data is key to our success. Pro-Found project managers are seasoned professionals who look behind the numbers and take corrective action before many people even realize there is a problem.

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