Software Frameworks and Components
Pro-Found utilizes a modular construction process which entails weaving together custom created software with off-the-shelf packages. Viewed as strategic assets, Pro-Found's software frameworks and components are designed to abstract away complexity, both artificial and real.

Currently, our frameworks include various flavors of middleware (messaging, object brokers, etc.) and support for industry-leading component architectures (CORBA, COM, JAVA-EJB, .NET etc). In addition, our components provide many generic application services such as process flow control, security and audit, etc. We view each engagement as an opportunity to enhance and extend our frameworks and components so that they embody Pro-Found's collective best practices.

Technology Demonstration Center
Serving the entire firm, the center comprises a wide and growing array of hardware platforms, operating environments, and a software library of over 175 packages. At the Technology Demonstration Center, Pro-Found is able to replicate many environments which clients / prospects might have. More significantly, Pro-Found utilizes the Center to "breathe life" into connectivity and middleware software tools which are otherwise difficult to demonstrate.

The Technology Demonstration Center provides tangible benefits to multiple constituents. For Pro-Found, it is a vehicle to involve our clients and our employees in learning and sharing technology. For clients, it provides a unique opportunity to "kick the tires" and obtain proof of concepts before making large scale commitments. For technology partners, it represents a cost-effective way to complement and leverage existing marketing / support channels with Pro-Found professionals.

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