The On-Campus Visit
Our policy is to hire straight out of school and to promote from within. The purpose of our on-campus visits is to find exceptional students whose interests match ours -- creating world-class software, aggressive learning and problem solving with other kindred spirits, and having fun. We care much more about your ability to think and communicate clearly rather than your mastery of "techniques" for solving specific problems. We try to hold an informational session prior to interviews to answer any questions and to help you learn what we're all about.

The Site Visit
We invite selected students to visit us at Pro-Found. This is a chance for us to learn more about you and for you to have a Pro-Found experience. In many instances, we are able to bring students into an actual brainstorming session relating to one of our current technology initiatives. Students have found these visits to be an enjoyable learning experience. During the site visit, you will also learn "profound" and compelling answers to questions which may be troubling you. Why is there a dash in the company name between "Pro" and "Found"? Won't I be wrecking my career by taking a first job with an upstart firm like yours? How will I explain Pro-Found to my relatives and neighbors?

The Offer
Following your site visit, we get feedback from all the individuals with whom you meet and check your references. Then, we follow a "subjective, highly imprecise and unscientific evaluation process" and determine if an offer is appropriate. If so, we try to make you an offer you can't refuse.

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